P3 – Professional Bio

I am an emerging Video Editor /Cinematographer with extensive experience in cutting-edge video, film and TV production functions in diverse environments. A gifted communicator, able to coordinate and form strong relationships with colleagues, broadcast and movie industry professionals and clients at all levels. Accustomed to performing in deadline-driven environments, consistently delivering high-visibility projects on time and on budget. Exceptional judgment and command of the latest video production methodologies to add value to any media outlet. Currently, I am working as a freelance video producer and doing a contract job with 1440 productions.

After the undergrad in visual communication and filmmaking, I have been part of the industry. My professional knowledge of video production/editing, cinematography visual effects and project management, coupled with my adaptability and determination, will certainly make me a valuable member of your SMP team. I pride myself on my understanding of the video production methodologies I am associated with, and I am anxious to utilize this in the creation of the innovative strategic project.

The combination of my professional experience and practical knowledge has contributed to my success in freelance career. I readily accept challenge and responsibility and I will spend the time and effort it takes to meet the goals of my team.

P2 – Response to Feedback

This week we pitched our project in front of the classmates and tutor Polly. Name of the project is “POSITIVE”. We are a group of four members and I am the cameraman and video editor for the project. After the pitching session, we have received some great insightful feedback which has to be further discussed in the group and make the changes to the work. All the parts of the presentation had a positive feedback and we are happy that our pitch was successful and made our ideas clear to the tutor.

We got a couple of suggestions from the tutor regarding the marketing and handling the social media by actors itself. Most of our marketing strategies are through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and web series website. Instagram has started a new option called Instagram TV which has to be researched in detail and plan for how it can be useful for the benefit of the project. Other suggestion was regarding the mix of Instagram and website as a platform, tutor suggested how Instagram audience tend to stay on Instagram rather than browning to a website. This can be corrected by sharing stories through Instagram stories and the audience can use the swipe feature to access the website in a single touch. Lastly, the handling of social media pages by the actors itself, as a crew member it’s each and everyone’s duty to check whether all the actors are on the same page and notifying regularly what they have to post in the platform.