P8 – Work In Progress Presentation

We were very confident before the presentation as we were happy with the progress of the project. The feedback we received was positive. My role in the project was Cinematography and Editing. Everyone liked the first episode we showed in the class and feedback was really good. The main comment received was that the shots looked beautiful.

Our project was too much workload for me as there was 10 episodes to edit and different colour pallet for all the scenes. Three main and hectic issue I faced during the editing process was the continuity issues, blocking the actors and sound. Because of that, to be honest I couldn’t use half of the shots. I don’t want to blame anyone, it is a learning process for the whole team. The scenes would have been must better with music and cinemascope But, the director wanted to show in the manner we presented in class. But, for my portfolio, I will be having my own version of the edit.

It was a good experience working with teammates from a different part of the world and putting ideas together to make a nice art form. The director has plans for pitching the work to screen Australia and using this work as a prototype or demo.

Something stuff which has to be noted on the next project is the block the scene properly for the actors. I was really disappointed that I couldn’t use man shots. Finally, about the continuity and sound issues.

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