P7 – Presenting Work Professionally

After finishing my Masters’ Degree in Media my main objective is to find a full-time job in Cinematography and Editing. The main component needed for a crucial job hunt is a well created and updated CV and Showreel. I have my showreel in Editing, Cinematography, Visual Effects, 3D Modelling, Matte Painting, Photography and Photomanipulation. I have an infographic resume which gives an advantage above normal resumes.


As a media professional its must to have a social platform to share the works and get the attention of the normal mob and employers. Sharing the portfolio through these online platforms makes the work easier by sharing the link or adding it to the CV. Currently, I have my showreels in the google drive and I am sharing the links to the recruiters and employers. By the end of November, I will be ready with a website and adding the works to it to present it to them. I will be getting a domain name under my freelance company name.

For my photography, I am planning both website and Instagram as the platform. I might even spend some money to promote the website, Instagram and Facebook page to get more attention. I feel promotion will help as I am new to the workforce among many professionals.


Now I am working on building my photography folio and planned to hoot two models end of this month.  My complete Website will be ready by the end of November and I am excited to use it for my job hunt.

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