P10 – Project completion and future outcomes

Link to the Final Project: www.positiveseries.ga


The series was released on October 3rd and its was a huge task to schedule all the episodes and other post in real time. For Instagram we cannot schedule it, as it can only be done manually. Harish and Lise took the task of scheduling and posting all the needed components in the website.

My challenge was to complete edits of 10 episode by October 2nd and which I was able to complete as planned. Editing was a long process and I didn’t expect there will be too much work. Ten episodes was too much to edit and taken lots of time from other assignments.

The series has to be promoted and shared on social platforms and among other friends to get more views. Overall, I am happy with my two tasks I did in the project, even though I couldn’t use many of the shots because of blocking and continuity issues.

I will be making my own version with music and cinemascope for my portfolio after the semester. Some shots have high potential to be in the showreel.

This project will be a prototype for the director as she has plans to pitch it to Screen Australia. She will be building on the concept further more and I will be happy to join in the process.

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