P6 – One Year Plan

By the end of November, I will be completing my portfolio website and make it ready to apply for full-time and freelance jobs. Now my showreels are only in Editing, Cinematography, Colour Grading and I am planning to extend it to photography, Photo Editing and Photo-manipulation. With the help of updated portfolio and CV, I will be searching for a full-time job. Meanwhile, I will be continuing my freelance job.

I am also working on a short film script. It’s been a 2-year gap after my last short film so very excited to put new ideas learned from the course at RMIT University. I am planning to start the shoot in June 2019.

Another option in my mind is to do a 1-year cinematography course in New York Film Academy in Gold Coast Campus.

Next steps after course completion:

Update the CV and current portfolio

Buy a Domain name and create a Website to share showreels

Update the new details and contents to LinkedIn, Seek, Indeed and other job portals.

Do more research before the short film shoot.

Try to get funding for the film, else my own production.

Get a full-time job as a video editor or cinematographer and get more professional experience.

After a few years’ experiences assist one famous cinematographer and editor.

My ultimate goal is to start my own production studio and make movies and give jobs to newcomers.

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