P10 – Project completion and future outcomes

Link to the Final Project: www.positiveseries.ga


The series was released on October 3rd and its was a huge task to schedule all the episodes and other post in real time. For Instagram we cannot schedule it, as it can only be done manually. Harish and Lise took the task of scheduling and posting all the needed components in the website.

My challenge was to complete edits of 10 episode by October 2nd and which I was able to complete as planned. Editing was a long process and I didn’t expect there will be too much work. Ten episodes was too much to edit and taken lots of time from other assignments.

The series has to be promoted and shared on social platforms and among other friends to get more views. Overall, I am happy with my two tasks I did in the project, even though I couldn’t use many of the shots because of blocking and continuity issues.

I will be making my own version with music and cinemascope for my portfolio after the semester. Some shots have high potential to be in the showreel.

This project will be a prototype for the director as she has plans to pitch it to Screen Australia. She will be building on the concept further more and I will be happy to join in the process.

P9 – ‎Leonardo Dalessandri

Leonardo Dalessandri is the young Italian filmmaker and photographer who has put together ‘Watchtower Of Turkey’, one of the most beautiful, touching and engaging videos I’ve seen in years.

Link: https://vimeo.com/108018156

The video truly marries stills photography (through time-lapse and hyper-lapse) and motion together. It really elevates these individual components to be more than the sum of their separate parts. To date, 4.4million people have watched the video in the last 4 months, since it was released in October 2014.

Watchtower Over Turkey was shot over a month-long trip through Turkey, and took in the region of 40, twelve-hour days for post-production work. This was all a personal project that Leo committed to. Leo was totally self-motivated to see the project through from start to finish. Find a project you’ll be interested in, as you’ll be far more likely to finish it. His hard work and persistence on both this project and his previous Watchtower Of Morocco project demonstrate the commitment we all need to have to see projects through.

Clearly, Leo has a way of connecting with people. He tells his story of a place through other people – what he sees and observes, and through his interactions. Through these connections, his storytelling images come out. Leo clearly has an outlook on life that is open to learning and constant change. Photography and videography are ways for us to simply tell a story, sell a product, show an emotion, and other art forms can do the same. It’s important to look at more than just other photographers or filmmakers and find out which other artists inspire you, to work out why it is you get inspired by them and how they make you feel – then incorporate that into your work in whatever way you can. This is what leads to truly interesting, innovative and engaging work.

But let’s end here with a clear point. Without a clear idea of a committed approach to putting the essence of you into your work, being inspired by other artists, using gear effectively while not relying on it, and always looking to capture something in a new way,

P8 – Work In Progress Presentation

We were very confident before the presentation as we were happy with the progress of the project. The feedback we received was positive. My role in the project was Cinematography and Editing. Everyone liked the first episode we showed in the class and feedback was really good. The main comment received was that the shots looked beautiful.

Our project was too much workload for me as there was 10 episodes to edit and different colour pallet for all the scenes. Three main and hectic issue I faced during the editing process was the continuity issues, blocking the actors and sound. Because of that, to be honest I couldn’t use half of the shots. I don’t want to blame anyone, it is a learning process for the whole team. The scenes would have been must better with music and cinemascope But, the director wanted to show in the manner we presented in class. But, for my portfolio, I will be having my own version of the edit.

It was a good experience working with teammates from a different part of the world and putting ideas together to make a nice art form. The director has plans for pitching the work to screen Australia and using this work as a prototype or demo.

Something stuff which has to be noted on the next project is the block the scene properly for the actors. I was really disappointed that I couldn’t use man shots. Finally, about the continuity and sound issues.

P7 – Presenting Work Professionally

After finishing my Masters’ Degree in Media my main objective is to find a full-time job in Cinematography and Editing. The main component needed for a crucial job hunt is a well created and updated CV and Showreel. I have my showreel in Editing, Cinematography, Visual Effects, 3D Modelling, Matte Painting, Photography and Photomanipulation. I have an infographic resume which gives an advantage above normal resumes.


As a media professional its must to have a social platform to share the works and get the attention of the normal mob and employers. Sharing the portfolio through these online platforms makes the work easier by sharing the link or adding it to the CV. Currently, I have my showreels in the google drive and I am sharing the links to the recruiters and employers. By the end of November, I will be ready with a website and adding the works to it to present it to them. I will be getting a domain name under my freelance company name.

For my photography, I am planning both website and Instagram as the platform. I might even spend some money to promote the website, Instagram and Facebook page to get more attention. I feel promotion will help as I am new to the workforce among many professionals.


Now I am working on building my photography folio and planned to hoot two models end of this month.  My complete Website will be ready by the end of November and I am excited to use it for my job hunt.

P6 – One Year Plan

By the end of November, I will be completing my portfolio website and make it ready to apply for full-time and freelance jobs. Now my showreels are only in Editing, Cinematography, Colour Grading and I am planning to extend it to photography, Photo Editing and Photo-manipulation. With the help of updated portfolio and CV, I will be searching for a full-time job. Meanwhile, I will be continuing my freelance job.

I am also working on a short film script. It’s been a 2-year gap after my last short film so very excited to put new ideas learned from the course at RMIT University. I am planning to start the shoot in June 2019.

Another option in my mind is to do a 1-year cinematography course in New York Film Academy in Gold Coast Campus.

Next steps after course completion:

Update the CV and current portfolio

Buy a Domain name and create a Website to share showreels

Update the new details and contents to LinkedIn, Seek, Indeed and other job portals.

Do more research before the short film shoot.

Try to get funding for the film, else my own production.

Get a full-time job as a video editor or cinematographer and get more professional experience.

After a few years’ experiences assist one famous cinematographer and editor.

My ultimate goal is to start my own production studio and make movies and give jobs to newcomers.