P1 – Overview of your project & My Role

‘POSITIVE’ is a transmedia story follows best friends Sarah and Tom ́s ups and downs over a very eventful and life-changing weekend. Sarah and Tom, both in their mid-twenties, have been best friends since forever. Sarah is a feminist and a vlogger. Tom is more the shy and quiet type. He also identifies as gay, for now, and is in a relationship with the narcissistic fuckboy Danny. Danny breaks up over text and Sarah wants to make Tom feel better by taking him for a big night out. A drunken twist of fate leads the two best friends to have sex with each other. Tom wakes up to a text from Danny the next morning which suggests that he might be HIV positive too. Fast forward to Monday morning, Tom and Sarah are sitting in a waiting room of a clinic, Tom’s name gets called out.


The project will consist of 5-7 short episodic videos, no longer than 2-5 min long. Instagram profiles will be created for the characters and content will be posted in line with how the action plays out. Young people today are more self-centred than ever. Sarah is a representation of the narcissism epidemic that plagues our society, partly caused by our social media and smartphone obsession/addiction. YouTube is primarily where vloggers post their stuff, so a YouTube Channel will be created for Sarah. Her vlogs will be short and basic (ca. 1 min long and filmed on a smartphone) where she rants about a subject or a personal issue-they are all somehow connected to the episodic videos. Transmedia elements such as Instagram posts, vlogs, texts and message logs will provide context throughout the story. A website will be set up as the main platform to connect all the content to tell the full story. A set of consistent hashtags will be chosen and actively used for all content. In between video updates, viewers can follow interactions between the characters on texts and message logs and Instagram, including Sarah ́s YouTube vlogs via the website where it all will be posted continuously. The story takes place over a weekend so therefore the story and content will be published in real time over our chosen weekend so the viewers can follow on.


I am the website designer, cinematographer and video editor for the project. Cinematography and video editing are my passion, and this is my career goal. Doing my best for POSITIVE will be a great asset to my portfolio and in turn to reach career goal.

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