Reflection On The Course

Sound and Image was a substantial change of pace to what I was used to in Bachelors. The course is very slow paced, almost the moment you start you’re already thrown in the deep start. I think the course has helped me in reflectivity more than in any other area. One of the drawbacks I had going into the course was specialised learning. I had worked as cinematographer assistant, professional assistant director in 2 feature films and have been using Premiere Pro and Foundry Nuke for very nearly a time of my life. In that route, for me, it was the self-disclosure that I discovered most lighting up less the specialised preparing.

Here what I have learned is theory more than technical knowledge. I did filmmaking for my bachelor’s, and when I came here, I was compelled to learn everything from scratch, because, we are not even allowed to use handheld shots, or even pan or tilt in the shot. But, I had no experience in the writing part, and here I have learned a lot in that aspect. I took this class with a big dream, I took this for the opportunity to make a diverse range of great content, and I think the course certainly didn’t push me to do what I was dreamed off. I think more than anything S&I has taught me that intense focus is not always the best way to go about things. All through school, we would have these moments of focus, these problem areas of task due dates and essays and long-winded academic compositions and study. I think this has changed the way I make and has shown me to depend less on ability or talent and more on theoretical information.

I have delighted in the course up until now, yet I am extremely amped up for studios and having the capacity to sharpen my art in the second semester. I anticipate proceeding with my media travel here at RMIT University. Much obliged to you to all the fantastic tutors.

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