Colour grading can affect viewers psychologically and physically, often without us being aware, and can be used as a strong device within a story. Knowledge gives you control, and control means you can manipulate colour to give your work a powerful and beautiful edge.Being able to use colour to create harmony, or tension within a scene, or to bring attention to a key visual theme can be used to spectacular effect.

In the sense of the work of the world’s greatest cinematographers, we admire so much nothing is accidental. A strong red colour has been shown to raise blood pressure, while a blue colour has a calming effect. Some colours are distinctly associated with a particular location or place, while others give a sense of time or period.

Before & After Screenshots:


The Three Way colour corrector and RBG curves were used for accomplishing the task. Reducing the saturations helped me to reduce the yellow and blue tone in the raw footage.  I tried three different versions of grading. So to make the work easier, three adjustment layers were added in the timeline, and grading was done on the layers alone and placed the layer over the track were footage are sorted.

Workspace Screenshot:


Grade Version 1:

I’m a great fan of  David Fincher and his Blue tone in movies. So, I decided to give a bluish tone to the whole film. The values give to the tones are shown in the screenshot below. The vibrancy and saturation were reduced to get the desired tone to the video. Blue colour brings a calming effect to the viewers, and this I have learned during my cinematography class in bachelors.

Effect Tool Screenshot:

wh bl.png

Grade Version 2:

In movies, it said that a strong red colour has been shown to raise blood pressure. To experiment it, I tried to add a reddish tone to the video.

Effect Tool Screenshot:


Grade Version 3:

I tried to experiment low saturation and vibrancy for the version 3. Reducing all the Red, Blue and Green tone to a specific level made the video appealing.

Effect Tool Screenshot:

wh sa.png

Version without grading:


Colour Grade – VOX POP

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