The three-shot edit was the first task given to us in the Sound and Image tutorial. It was hard to express a story through expertise shoot, so we ended up in shooting an activity. The Expertise edit was a good start for the students who was new to the camera and framing. To be frank, I felt this assignment very elementary because I did filmmaking for my bachelor degree. However, I found this was a good start for a course; it is an opportunity for the beginners to learn basics of video making and get used to camera and editing software.

Our team chose to shoot in the building 9; the plan was to shoot a boy walking down the stairs. Our task was to capture an activity from three different angles. The first shot was the long shot of Jason walking down the stairs. As we had only one camera, we decided to do the same activity thrice. We shot all the three shots with full action. Second shot was a low angle long shot of Jason from the side. Moreover, for the final shot, we decided to fame the same first shot in Mid-shot.

Shot 1:


Shot 2:


Shot 3:


For the post-production stage, we had three footages to edit.  Arranging the shots in the Premier Pro was the easiest task. The only problem was the continuity issue; for the second shot, he ran down the stairs bit faster compared to the other two shots. So the only solution I found was to reduce the speed of the clip, i.e., I reduced the speed rate to 75% and almost matched the other clips.

The other problem I wish to address is the sound; all the clips gave a different type of the sound. So while jumping from one shot to another, it was a problem. For solving this the “Constant power.” audio transition was used to match the clips. The lighting conditions were right, and the greenish colour of the shot makes it more attractive.

 The whole process was not hard to accomplish, but this gave a good startup for each of us in the batch.

Link to the video:

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