Link to Video: The Abstract Haiku

The abstract shoot was interesting and challenging for me. From the experience of this abstract shot, I realised that spontaneous and unplanned shots work out better than planned shots, i.e., there is no need to think about the idea beforehand. The shoot occurred during sunset which helped our team to get enough footages of refracted and reflected light with lots of contrast and shadows. We got shots of light filtering through the leaves and grass. The main two shots I took was that of the golden grasses and the silhouette of the tree filtering the sunlight. The silhouette of the tree was very sharp and gave me high-intensity shadows in the frame. The golden grasses were shot at high depth with background fully out of focused. The motion of the grass along with the wind amplified the beauty of the shot. This shot was shot in fifty frames per second, and I was able to add the slow motion for the same in the post production.

The second task was to record the SFX sounds from around the university campus. I ended up recording city ambience, rustling leaves and grasses, cawing crow, wind blowing, traffic bell, footsteps, sounds of a barking dog and water splash. From this sounds, the rustling leaves, wind blowing and traffic bell were used for my haiku edit.

The third part was a bit more challenging as the haiku was recorded on our own. Trying to record haiku with different voice was interesting. However, I could not get the desired output because of the stammering issue. So, I ended up in borrowing the audio clip from my friend. The voice was recorded in the quiet edit suit. As a result, the quality of the audio was good.

After all this production works, the most challenging part was the post production. After sorting the videos, SFX and haiku I thought of conveying meaning through the final video. The idea was to show the contrast between the busy city life and peaceful country life. During the edit, the clips are blended with one superimposed over the other. The ambience sound of the cawing crow, traffic bell and rustling leaves and grasses gave some realistic look to the video. The video started with a slow motion of the grasses and to provide more beauty to it, Chinese flute music was added to the background, and which gave a slow melodious start to the video. The music starts before, the video and later the video comes with a slow fade-in. For the first clip, the cawing of the crow and wind blowing sound with flute music was added to make the audience feels like a distant place away from cities. The video ends with the sound of the traffic bell and bike passing which was added to show how busy the life in the cities compared to the peaceful life in the countryside. The starting and ending of the video are given with a fade to black effect to give a dramatic effect.  The haiku that I borrowed from my friend was synced perfectly with the meaning I intended to convey.

The high pitched female narration in the background was the most catchy in the video. Because, from my experience in working in films, most of the time, we would win with the female narration. Female narration attracts female viewers and male one who find female voice attractive. The same cannot always be said for male voices. This is the reason most of the time we would hear more female narration or voice-overs than male ones. It is a most preferred voice among both sexes, and this is what I believe.

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