Mobile devices have enabled more and more people to be online all the time. We superficially love the Internet, and in that love, some have deep wish to be connected consistently 24/7/356 days a year. The part of technology loosely called IOT (Internet Of Things) has become part of our culture which enables primary objects to be connected to the net, using sensors, beacons and controllers.

Once CEO and founder of Belkin said, “The world is made up of trillions of things, jet engines, exercise equipment, cars, planes, trains, computer, the items on my desk, And then there’s the Internet. All this category is about all things and the Internet, as we know it, coming togeather. Anything that I can do over the Internet blended with my stuff.”

The picture shows the density of devices connected to the Internet,  the red dot indicating a higher density and blue showing less density.


Twitter: @achillean John Matherly (Founder of Shodan, Internet Cartographer), 2014.

While there is a typical human obsession over the size and scale of the IOT, Gartner says 26 billion connected devices by 2020, Morgan Stanley says 50 billion, Cisco says 75 billion, the focus should not be on the things or the Internet, but on the Data that is going to be generated. This generated data would be the unlocking key to some benefits, and how we act on that information. Over many years, there has been no shortage of publicity about the IOT. Connected devices are the hot topic of discussion in the news, in publication, at seminars, and at conferences. All these kind of devices like, activity monitors and door security to beacons and RFID that tracks items as they pass through the supply chain are developing as the new normal.

It is easy to focus on the IOT as an entity mainly, but, reality is nothing more than a wrapper for all of today’s Information Technology. The most common denominator is that in an internet connected world everything eventually gets connected. Next, it is going to be drones, 3D printing and robots that behave in a far more classy and humanly manner.  All this kind of development will generate data volumes that make a day’s repositories look downright quaint. Tony Fronns, vice president of digital advisory services at Capgemini Consulting said, “Everyone and everything becomes a data point. Context is everything.

Now let’s discuss deeper connected territories. Our utility companies could be made aware of our situation and through our patient wristband and interface to our smart-home, adjust our electricity, gas and water supply plan in line with our limited mobility. Smart gadgets, smart thermostat, smart appliances all can switch off and on and learn our pattern as we recover. Our band could switch on the television for instance if we take a snooze on the couch by monitoring our inactivity.  Our house and smart possessions will be collectively more intelligent by 2020. However, the experience would become hyper-personalized.

To conclude, everything is connected. Hyper-connected in fact. As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Realise that everything connects to everything else.”


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